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How far is the steel structure house from us


Compared with the traditional concrete structure, steel structure residence has incomparable advantages in construction and comprehensive benefits: such as light weight, low foundation cost, good seismic performance, easy repair after disaster, recyclable and renewable materials, energy saving, land saving and water saving. On the one hand, these advantages enable developers to reduce investment risks and speed up capital flow, which is very beneficial to developers' sales and capital return; On the other hand, for builders, the construction period is short, the construction is not affected by climate and season, and the processing and on-site installation can be carried out simultaneously; At the same time, buyers can stay in their favorite houses in a short time for personalized layout.

However, in recent years, with the development of China's urban construction and the rapid growth of steel production, steel structure buildings have highlighted a huge fault: as one of the world's major steel countries, steel structure buildings account for less than 5% of China's whole construction industry, while developed countries have reached more than 50%. As a green building, steel structure residence has been listed as a key promotion project by the Ministry of construction, especially in China's large and medium-sized cities, with more people and less land, and people's higher and higher requirements for living environment and living space, it is a general trend to apply steel structure residence in a large range.



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