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Common data of light steel structure


  Since entering the 1990s, the development of steel structure construction in our country is very fast, and the development of light portal frame steel structure is in full swing. The steel structure of the door type rigid frame light housing has the characteristics of simple force, clear way of force transmission, quick construction of component, convenient factory processing, short construction period and so on. So it is widely used in industrial, commercial, cultural and recreational facilities and other industrial and civil buildings.
  The portal frame light steel construction system was developed by the United States from the 40s military equipment and barracks.
  After the Second World War, there was a great demand for construction. After the war, the economy and versatility of the barracks were first used as factories and warehouses; after that, with the progress of the design degree, the presentation of new building materials, the improvement of processing equipment (such as roofing, metope with galvanized steel plate, color steel plate and so on), the new and diversified design methods made the use of this building more and more useful. The more common, more and more non residential buildings, such as commercial buildings, public buildings, transportation equipment, and other non residential buildings. With the increase of the amount, computer control has been used in the design, construction calculation, drawing, component processing, operation and management.
  In recent years, the domestic production of color coated steel plate has risen from time to time, not only to meet the demand of the market, but also to the reasonable price, which makes the cost of the light steel structure of the door type rigid frame to fall accordingly.
  The domestically made connection materials such as high strength bolts, self tapping screws and other light steel structures, such as connection materials, super thin fire retardant coatings and glass insulated cotton, have greatly promoted the wide range of light steel structure of portal frame.




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