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Common problems in design


  1. If there is a gutter, the tie bar can not be designed to be placed close to the top of the column, otherwise it will cause the installation of the downpipe. In addition, the position of the gutter and the tie rod and the support between the columns must be considered well, otherwise they will either touch the tie bar or hit the support between the columns.
  Two. The arrangement of the position of the flower basket bolt should be reasonable and not too deviated from the main beam. Otherwise, the workers must find out the body to tighten the basket bolt or climb up the ladder, or wait for the purlin to climb up the purlin to tighten the basket bolt so that it is not safe. In addition, we should also consider the location of the corner brace, and not fight with the support when the layout degree is supported.
  Three, do not unilaterally in the purlin on the strip hole to think of "pull edge, the edge of the edge" and other elements, out of the upper and lower margins of different holes, because the device is easy to install the reverse, the result is unfavorable.
  Four, the doors and windows and so on can not be confused with the angle plate, because in construction, you cannot guarantee that the plate is located at the peak or trough of the pressure plate.
  Five. When doing large projects, we must consider the convenience of consumption, delivery and installation.
  Six, we must understand the true meaning of "load and other data" provided by Party A. because Party A often does not understand these too professional things. We have to consider the transposition, and the preparatory work has been done well.
  Seven, the position of high strength bolts should be reasonable, to think about the construction space of the wrench and torque wrench, not in the device, because the space is too small, the wrench and torque wrench can not be in position, so the high strength bolt can not be twisted or the high strength bolt can not be tightened. Some of the designs that I have met have not been given.
  Eight, high strength bolt connection board, if possible, use the upper and lower symmetrical bolt layout as far as possible. There were 4 underneath 6 of the middle contacts, and the workshop workers were not careful to take part in the installation.
  Nine. If the light steel structure maintains a brick wall, it must be well docked early with the establishment and the civil construction units. Because this touches two aspects of the civil and steel construction, the brick walls of the civil construction are likely to be unequal, but the pan water of the colored steel plates can not be made suddenly and small. The result is the seams of the colored steel plate and the brick wall. It is difficult to do well in the treatment of water and steel brick walls.
  Ten, the anchor bolts are commonly buried in civil construction units, steel manufacturers out of the map, they can sometimes turn the position of the foot bolt to 90 degrees, and when rechecked, it was too late; and the size deviation to give you an offset 50 - 100mm is not strange. So before construction, we must give special hints. It is best to have the text of the bottom line based on (self maintenance).
  Eleven, the link between the wind resistant column and the steel beam is connected with the spring plate as far as possible. Because the middle span of the beam device is large, the wall Liang Ruo uses the bolt to connect with the wind resistant column, which will form the uneven roof.
  Twelve. The layout of roof purlin and the detailed drawing of steel girders should be carefully checked. It is often found that the layout of roof purlin and the purlin number of steel beam detail are different.
  Thirteen, there are no stiffeners in the gusset plate, and some are not designed by the designer, causing the deformation of the gusset plate during subsequent welding.
  Fourteen, when Liang Zhu does the tie rod, it does not extend the hole properly, and some central part is too long because of the length of the connecting rod on the tie rod, so that the space is too small and the tie rod is too long to go in. Some of the secondary beam structures often have this situation.
  Fifteen. When making a bar window, the purlin plate stiffener faces the window direction, so when the bar window goes to the ribbed slab, it will not be able to go. In addition, sink head screws should be used as far as purlin devices with streaked windows are concerned.
  Sixteen. The upper level bar at the door is too close to the doorframe and there is no place for the canopy.
  Seventeen. The braces on the upper and lower sides of the window frames are not arranged well, and the ends of the braces are in conflict with the window frames.
  Eighteen, the varieties of steel plates and high-strength bolts should be as few as possible. Especially in off-site construction, some on-site supervision does not confess the experiments made by the factory. Do you go to harmony?
  Nineteen, the purlin link board should not be designed as square, and the workshop can be reversed easily.
  Twenty, the inner gutter does not make insulation, the interior constitutes a "cold bridge", resulting in dripping and condensation. Anti condensation paint should be applied under the gutter, or polyurethane thermal insulation layer can be sprayed, and other insulation treatment can also be done.
  Twenty-one, the roof panel adopts a sandwich panel, so the estimate is leaking for half a year (if the span is slightly larger). There are several broken marks on the outer panels of the roof panel, because they do not consider the repeated expansion and contraction in the sun. In fact, after




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