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The main features of integrated


  Integrated modular architecture is a new architecture, which is introduced into China from the prosperous countries in Europe and America. This system integrates new building ideas with new technologies, new materials, new technology and new equipment with international advanced degree, and is prefabricated in the factory. The fabricated steel structures, structural parts, protective guards and all kinds of composite materials will be transported to the site to be assembled into integrated houses.
  The application of integrated modular technology will gradually change the traditional "Qin brick and Han tile", high pollution and high energy consumption traditional architecture, and make the building step into the new period of large industrial consumption manufacturing. China will also gradually become the largest consumer manufacturing base in the world's construction industry in the process of integrated modular construction. It is shown in detail as follows: consumption industrialization, ministry product standardization, construction assembly, supply serialization, service customization, and overall sustainable development. The structural system is integrated, light, miniaturized and intact.
  The structure system of integrated modular architecture is different from that of traditional architecture. The structure system used by integrated modular architecture is designed by computer aided design. It stops the perfect system design and becomes a structural system of steel building and building, its overall level is very high.
  Save building space, design sensitive, easy to divide. Because of the application of light steel building building system and new energy saving and environmental protection building maintenance department, the building space can be designed in accordance with the needs of the users, and can be divided arbitrarily. The use of the new durable lightweight wall, the integrated construction practice area is 10% higher than that built by brick construction.
  The integrated modular building equipment system is highly integrated. The equipment system equipped by the integrated architecture includes the orderly planning of the line of the equipment pipe network, the rational and effective use of the whole kitchen and toilet, and the general application of the intelligent home system.
  The overall industrial chain is highly integrated, integrated modular, and the diversification of construction components, which leads to the need for industrialization and industrialization. The resource intensive and consumption cost of high industrial integration has made the integrated modular architecture have a strong competitiveness and prospects, and it is also a sustainable industry.




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