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Beijing Honghai House Co., Ltd(Honghai) specialized in manufacturing prefabricated houses,modularhouses and container houses,aiming to become top professional oversea prefabricated houses supplier.With professional &responsible sales team,technician team&after service team,we provide clients integrated service inciuding Prefabricated house project design,manufacture,installation,and afterservice.,etc.Widening thefactory area to 25 thousand square meters,we accomplish morethan 1 million houses production every year.Besides,we invested a Wholly owned subsidiary,Trude international(Beijing)Co.,ltd,a foreign trade company and  Honghai House Ghana Limited.


Prefabricated houses are widely used in the area of construction project,bridge & road project, railway project,Hydraulic construction project & mineral project.,etc.besides overseas military temporary house build , governments offcial procurement being used as office,living house,warehouse.,etc.In accordance with clients needs & the usage of houses.We present PA,PB,PV,MK&MC models of prefabricated houses besides H-profile steel house.Meanwhile, passing the accreditation of ISO 9001 International Quality Management System & environment Management System,Honghai focus on new technology & new design , energy-saving & environmental friendly products after building modernize workshop and investing new production devices.

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